1000 YouTube Channel Subscribers will give you access to YouTube Live Streaming

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In April of 2011, YouTube introduced YouTube Live, which offered live streaming to a limited number of partners. Now, YouTube live streaming is coming to the normal web video producer which has at least 1000+ subscribers.

“YouTube is expanding live streaming access to all channels in good standing with more than a thousand subscribers,” said the company in a statement.

Live streaming will be available to even more users in the future, as the guys from YouTube are promising to “expand availability to more channels and add more features to YouTube Live over time.”

How to live stream on YouTube

Getting access to YouTube live streaming services requires user with channels corresponding to the requirements to apply for an invite first.

To check if your channel with more than one thousand subscribers is eligible, log into the Account Features page and look for an “Enable” button. This will trigger the required sign-up function.

YouTube live streaming API

Also while expanding YouTube Live, Google has also expanded the YouTube live stream API, this allows users to create, update and manage live events.

More clearly, the API will allow every user on YouTube to set an event broadcasts and associate them with video streams.

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