Get High Retention YouTube Views

Get High Retention YouTube Views

What Exactly Means High Retention Views?

The first years after the establishment of YouTube, the views were counted based on the number of times that an exact video page has been opened. This means that an YouTube video can increase its views count just by pressing the refresh button of your browser again and again. Which also means that viewers are not required to finish watching the video in order the view to be registered.

Last years, the way of counting YouTube views was drastically improved. Today, along with the regular YouTube views, there are also the high retention YouTube views. This kind of views are counted based on the times when the video was watched from the beginning to the end.

In general YouTube measures the ability of the video to retain its audience based on relative and absolute retention. Absolute audience retention displays the views of every separate moment of the video clip as a percentage of the whole number of video views. Relative audience retention indicates your video’s ability to keep viewers throughout the playback in compared to any or all YouTube videos of such length. Businesses or separate users who have obtained high retention YouTube views are more likely to get high ranking in YouTube and Google respectively. According to this information, it is really important for the companies to try the best to get more high retention YouTube views.

Why to Get High Retention YouTube Views is so Important?

High retention YouTube views are the most effective form of views to receive once you buying YouTube views. Maybe you are asking yourself why are they the most effective form of views to receive? The answer is very simple. They are the most effective kind of views to get as because the users are required to really watch the videos in order such view to be registered. Most of our competitors provide views that are of low-cost and do not require from the viewers to watch the video at all. Worst of all is that such providers will put your YouTube accounts in danger because those fake bot views are easy to detect by YouTube. Here at the high retention views are the only form of views that we offer to our customers.

Why to Buy High Retention Views from us?

We only provide high retention views because we are aware how important your account security is. We also understand that most of you depend on YouTube for an income or an additional revenue channel. Other YouTube views provides fully ignore the importance of the customers’ videos by setting them at risk while offering cheap fake bot views. We know of such big importance your videos are and we do not want to ruin your hard work by getting your YouTube video or account at the risk of being banned.

Purchase High Retention Views – What are the benefits?

Also these high retention YouTube views provide much more benefits than the fake views. They will lead to huge amount of communication between the viewers in the comments section and also you will get real feedback with likes and dislikes. If you do not get high retention views you will miss the comments and ratings and this will indicate that you are getting fake views and it will be easily recognized by your viewers and potential customers. Not only that, but it for sure will get the YouTube attention as well. As you can see the right choice is only one. If you want to get real high quality views for your YouTube videos the high retention views are the right choice!